Problems of energy saving and energy efficiency in budgetary institutions. According to the annual Programs of Economic and Social Development of Zastavivsky District, about 80-90% of communal objects require an immediate solution to energy efficiency issues.

The most acute problem in educational institutions, over 80% of schools need an immediate replacement of windows, doors, roofs. Catastrophic state in the objects of housing and communal services.

Systems of centralized water supply and drainage, built tens years ago, are characterized by high energy consumption, significant water losses, moral and physical depreciation. 23% of the water supply networks used their lifetime.

This causes crashes, large water losses and reduced pressure on the network. To implement energy saving and energy efficient measures, it is necessary to increase financing for the above-mentioned measures (namely: surgical, neurological, traumatological, children's department of Zastavovsky CRP;

introduction of energy-saving and energy-efficient measures in the health care facilities of the rayon;

replacement of windows and doors in cultural institutions;

Achieve district energy saving and energy efficiency.

Evidence of genuine dialogue between government and society is the development of alternative energy and the introduction of energy-saving technologies.

Energy conservation measures are actively being implemented in the region.

In general, these measures are implemented in the social sphere - in educational, cultural and health institutions, among them: reconstruction of heating systems with the replacement of heating boilers for modern high efficiency, replacement of windows on metal-plastic, replacement of the entrance door and replacement of lighting lamps incandescence on energy-saving.

Work is under way on the development of alternative energy sources.

Yes, in the village. Small Kuchur works on the use of solar energy. In order to place solar panels for the production of solar energy, an investor - LLC Bukovina Helios - is involved.

At the moment, the design documentation for the installation of solar panels has already been developed.

To determine the location suitable for the location of solar cells, an inspection of two land plots with an approximate total area of ​​9 hectares in the village was conducted. Small Kuchuriv

A project started in Zvenyachin village of Zastavivsky district, the result of which will be the construction of a solar power plant for about 8 hectares of land with a capacity of 4 MW.