Haydenrode's Partnership - Mortgage, how it all started ....

Again, we return to our Igor Horbal, because everything from him has begun ...

Our countryman, born on a mortgage land, he never was indifferent to the fate of people.

Having visited us with our first visit, having met with the head of the Zastavivskyi district council Sergei Ivanovich Kapitsky, it was agreed that the district should be helped to enter the "new" level of cooperation. Already in August 2017, he brought the German delegation to visit us.

The delegates were Burger Land Hessen Volker Difenbachh, and 9 other guests with whom we greet guests on Zastavnaya land.

During the working meeting, there were excursions around the district, historical memorials, Zastavnivskaya gymnasium, with a wonderful museum, guests were just a delight in it, such a tour of the city of Zastavna, which they really liked.

After getting acquainted with the area and hosts, a round table was held, where district heads and delegates discussed the main areas of cooperation, problems and desire for further work. The working meeting ended with the signing of a cooperation agreement, which is why all the presenters sincerely rejoiced !!!

After all, we all have something to learn from each other, with what to work and what to achieve in the future!

I would like to note that Zastavnovsky district, thanks to the signed agreement on cooperation with the German side, is already working on the project, and there are plans for a lot of work, cooperation and projects with the authorities.

Work is important to us, because everything is done for the development of the district and the better life of the population.