"Pratsyuvaty- to help people," in the period from 25 to 30 March 2017 Chairman Zastavna ROTCHHU Julia Myzhynska with the head of Chernivtsi OOTCHHU Miroslav Ostrovetskiy invited by the German Red Cross visited for a working visit to Germany.

The purpose of the visit was to meet with members of the Red Cross with their work, discuss and parallel workspaces and tasks of our trip was to establish cooperation between the two organizations to a degree and we did it !!!!

Explo chervonohrestivtsyamy from Germany started with an introduction to good, hearty lyudmy Mr. Gunther, wife and wife Monica Brehitoyu lives and works in a small village of Espenshid. So sincere, positive and open people who work so hard on the Red Cross and cover the three hundred 320 people who live in this village. We talk about the work parallels discussed in our work and understand that much easier when such opportunities to work and work something.

Thank you for such a wonderful meeting. Julia Miroslav cordially invited her to visit all our home, Ukraine, and advised that we Ukrainian, is also able to welcome guests! The next meeting was with the delegation of the German Red Cross. The meeting took place in a nursing home serving the Red Cross in Germany.

There, we were met Jurgen Kristman- vice president of the Red Cross Land Hessen (dealing with all issues related to the region), which since 1992 also operates in the service of the Red Cross disasters and Katenbah Sven, the head of the Red Cross in the environment is.

Positive emotions go wild, people are so friendly and have welcomed us friendly, narrated and accompanied by a special car throughout the territory of Hesse Red Cross. Many interesting things were seen. We visited the Pension for Senior Red Cross Rescue, the Red Cross Catastrophe Service, and saw the work and equipment service emergencies and warehouses ready to provide assistance in 3000 emergency cases.

Machines equipped with all necessary materials and medicines for all occasions and challenges. I would also like to add that great and significant for the German vx is the work of volunteers, because where we had to go everywhere, noted the value and importance of their work.

Zastavna regional organization of the Red Cross Ukraine is grateful for the invitation of the German Red Cross, Mr. Igor Borisovich Horbal, Mr. Werner Zorn and his wife Renata.

Thank you for your support and support. I hope this is a good start for a long and fruitful cooperation.

All the good ones are good people for you !!!!!!