Today the Zastaviv district organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine visited the village of Mozorovka in Zastanivsky district to Svetlana Kasiinik, whose daughter has a terrible diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

Earlier in the summer, our family Zastavanovchanka, who now lives in Italy, came to her family, Anzhela Kotik, who is also an ex-president of the Christian-Cultural Association "Together" - Ukrainians in Torrentino Italy, with Senor Magda, the first deputy chairman of the Italian Charitable Foundation "Hope".

Svetlana had a sick child, told about the needs of her sick daughter, and the guests promised to help.

Today, volunteers of the Red Cross, Oleksii Kotyk and Olga Shenderovskaya brought a small Natalochtsi charitable help in the form of a special chair, diapers, toys and delicious delicacies.

Also, mother of a girl Svetlana, asks to turn to the leadership of Zastavna CRC with the help of, because the girl needs dental care, which is why she can not sleep, because the teeth are constantly hurt.

Natalocka does not tolerate the road; therefore, she asks to come up with something to bring a little to a hospital with a special transport, or to send doctors to the village of Mosorovka, for the provision of stomatologic help, with a girl with cerebrovascular disease.

Mother Natalocchi, sincerely thanks Mrs. Angeli and Senori Magdi, for the necessary things and hospitality.