March 21, Zastavnovsky district organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine held a wonderful holiday for children with special needs of our region.

As already mentioned earlier, it is planned to turn this action into a tradition.

After all, children with disabilities need to feel the attention and care of the community to them and get into a fairy tale.

Feast "Give the child a holiday" prompted quickly. It was fun. A loud childish laugh was heard in the whole hall.

Little eyes shone with happiness, a desire to learn something new and useful.

The January and February birthday parties actively participated in contests, shared their secret dreams and desires, told verses, danced, played with balloons, made photos in memory with our animators - Kinder Surprise and Mickey Mouse.

For their efforts, the children, thanks to the help of the benefactors, received small symbolic gifts.

A festive and very tasty cake was simply the most important and most desirable attribute of the holiday.

Children with special needs had an opportunity to see a real master-class for preparing a delicious pizza, which later lasso enjoyed.

And the knowledge gained from the pizzerias of the pizzeria "DOLCEPIZZA" will definitely be useful in the future ...

"I would like to note that such measures are very necessary.

After all, they allow the children to meet, talk and even compete with each other, and most importantly - a gift.

Let it be small, but so desirable.

And we, in turn, have to do everything in order to give the child such a holiday! "- noted the chairman of Zastavnovsky regional organization of the Red Cross and the initiator of today's action Yu.Mizhinskaya.

At the end of the event Yulia Vasilievna appealed to her parents for taking time, opportunity and money to bring their children to the west.

Also expressed sincere gratitude to the co-organizers of the holiday, namely: owners of the pizzeria "DOLCEPIZZA" Ivan Malar and Vitaliy Skakun (the festive menu was their gift), for organizing competitions, a good mood for holidays and presents I. Khoryuk (Yaremkovsky) and I. Chunchivska; for a delicious cake - Lyudmila Patsaranyuk; for the festive design of the hall T.Mikitey, V.Kutjaku. We also thank Boris Kolisnyk, V.Juz, I.Severin, O. Lutsyuk, who also joined the organization of the event.

At the same time, I would like to thank all the indifferent people.

To all those who help and simply support the charitable work of the organization.

We invite people with heartfelt hearts to join the next event "Give the child a holiday" for children with disabilities and special needs of Zastavnivshchyna.

Contact the Zastavnovsky District Organization of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine.

We will be grateful for the cooperation and assistance. It's easier to work together!